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Global Dance Open is an exciting, all styles competition, which allows students and studios the opportunity to compete amongst dancers from across the world, both virtually and live. Dancers must first qualify through national semi-finals throughout 2022/23, to represent their country at the Grand Finals.

 By registering for this competition, you automatically approve all the rules.


Global Dance Open is organized by Ultimate Dance Productions Ltd, registered in the UK.


Failure to comply with the GDO rules could result in disqualification from the competition. These rules may differ from other competition, so please read carefully.





  • All nationalities can participate

  • Dancers must be entered by their dance studio or compete as independent

  • All dancers must qualify at a country qualifier or virtual qualifier

  • Amateur, pre-professional and professional dancers are eligible to compete




Petite: 4-6 years

Mini: 7-9 years

JUNIOR: 10-13 years

INTERMEDIATE: 14-16 years

SENIOR: 17-29 years 


  • Age is taken from 1 January 2023

  • In Duet/Trios/Groups, the oldest competitor determines the age division

  • GDO reserves the right to check identity cards at the Semi-finals or Finals




  • Classical Ballet (Repertoire & Neoclassical)

  • Contemporary

  • Jazz

  • Acrodance

  • National/Folklore

  • Lyrical

  • Hip-Hop/Street/Commercial

  • Showdance

  • Tap

  • Musical Theatre (Song & Dance)



Solo: 2 mins 30 sec

Duet/Trio: 2 min 45 sec

Small Group (4-10) : 3 min 30 sec

Large Group (11 +): 4 min 45 sec

Pas de Deux: 6 min (Entrée + Coda/Adagio 


Music can be 10 seconds over the time limit without penalty. Music longer will not be accepted into the system. For Musical Theatre, an extra 15 seconds may be added.




  • All routines must qualify via a live country qualifier or virtual qualifier

  • Top 5 routines, per age division and category over 70 points will qualify to represent their country at the finals.

  • In the event of a tie at a qualifier, both routines will qualify 

  • In the event of the ties in medal postitions there will be 6 dancers qualifying

  • Participants may compete more than once in Solo & Duet/Trio categories at the semi-final qualifiers, however only the highest scoring routine (if all dancers in duet/trio are the same and both qualify) will be invited to the finals.

  • If a section is split into A & B at the qualifier- the 2 sections will then be joined back together for finals qualification.

  • For qualification for Ballet & Contemporary solos (Junior- Intermediate) Main & Upper Division will be listed and ranked according to scores with all 90 mark and over being placed in the UPPER division or by the discretion of judges




  • Inscriptions must be made through our website (

  • Participants are responsible for ensuring all spellings are correct

  • Dance teachers are responsible for ensuring all information is correct (legal names and Date of births) 





  • Music can not contain swearing or offensive words in any language

  • Swearing/ offensive language will result in a warning and 2-point deduction at semi-finals and immediate disqualification at finals.

  • Music must be submitted via the online platform.

  • Dance teachers should have an USB copy of all music at event




  • Dancers must be 12 years old to perform with pointe shoes

  • Only dancers age 12+  can use point shoes in the free ballet

  • Intermediate and Senior Dancers MUST wear pointe shoes in the repertoire section

  • Pointe shoes can only be worn in Ballet Free & Ballet Repertoire sections




  • General props are allowed

  • No dangerous props (swords, fire, etc)

  • No live animals

  • Props should be carried by competitors onto stage, in the exception of Petite and Mini

  • Prop set-up/ dismantle time should take less than 30 seconds 

  • Props should be placed on stage and removed at end of choreography (No helium balloons)





  • Dancers cannot change the music or choreography between semi-final qualifiers & finals

  • Dancers in ballet section must perform the SAME variation chosen for the semi-final qualifier (change of variation is subject to immediate disqualification)

  • Soloists may compete in unlimited solos, but only once per category at the finals




  • The following Ballet Repertoire & Contemporary sections will be split into 2 divisions for the finals:

   Junior Solo Ballet Repertoire

   Junior Solo Ballet Repertoire- Point shoes

   Intermediate Solo Ballet Repertoire

   Junior Solo Contemporary

   Intermediate Solo Contemporary


UPPER: those who show exceptional potential and excellence in these genres (automatic if over 90 at semi-final qualifier or by judge’s invitation)


MAIN: Dancers of a high standard but not quite the correct standard for the upper division

  • Decisions made are final and not subject to appeal



  • 30% of a group may be substituted between qualifier and finals

  • 50% of a duet/trio may be substituted between qualifier and finals

  • Addition of dancers to groups is allowed between qualifier and finals

  • All changes must be notified to Head Office:





  • All costumes should underline the character of the dance

  • Costumes MUST be age appropriate

  • Appearance and grooming are important and be taken into the consideration by the jury

  • Costumes may change between semi-final qualifier and final






Mini Solo Ballet (Free or Adapted Variations): 4-9 years

Junior Solo Ballet (Free/Neoclassical) No pointe: 10-13 years

Junior Solo Ballet Repertoire (Soft shoes): 10-13 years

Junior (12-13 years) Solo Ballet Repertoire(Pointe shoes): 12-13 years

Intermediate Solo Ballet Repertoire: 14-16 years

Intermediate Solo Ballet(Free/Neoclassical): 14-16 years

Senior Solo Ballet Repertoire: 17-26 years

Senior Solo Ballet (Free/Neoclassical): 17-26 years






  • The following categories are split into boy divisions:

    • Ballet Boys (Free/Variation) 

    • Contemporary 

    • Jazz

Boys sections will automatically be split for Junior, Intermediate & Senior

Where there are more 3 or more boys in a Mini section they will be split




  • Backing track must not contain any vocals. Vocals on backing track will result in immediate disqualification 

  • Participants will have a choice between headset or hand-held microphone where  available. All soloists and duet/trio must use a form on microphone. 3 headsets/microphones per group will be permitted.

  • All dancers in Groups must sing




  • Please consult the inscription deadlines

  • Inscriptions submitted after the closing date will be subjected to a 10% late fee

  • Payment must be made immediately with inscriptions




  • The competition’s jury panel will comprise of three or more highly recognized judges within the dance community

  • Judges are completely independent from any school competing 

  • The decision of the judges/adjudicators is final. No appeal can be made.






Technical Level: 40 marks

Choreography: 20 marks

Artistic Interpretation & Musicality: 20 marks

Execution & Quality of Performance: 20 marks


  • A minimum of 70 marks is needed to qualify.

  • 75 marks is needed to be awarded 3rd place (Bronze)

  • 80 marks is needed to be awarded 2nd place (Silver)

  • 85 marks is needed to be awarded 1st place (Gold)

AWARDS ARE BASED ON SCORES. If no one achieve 85 points, no 1st place will be awarded.

Judging scores are finals and not subject to appeal



  • Scholarships will be chosen and awarded by our judges

  • Scholarships are not based on medal placement but at judges’ discretion 





·      Countries that do not have a live qualifier, may compete virtually at one of the virtual qualifier dates

·      For any video submission to a live event, Dancers may submit a video (that has been timestamped within a 2 weeks of the event at an agreed time.)

·      FINALS: Virtual participation is allowed, however we strongly encourage live participation

·      Virtual entrance is allowed in all styles and categories

·      The placing per category will be divided between live and virtual, (e.g., 1st, 2nd, 3rd for live participation and 1st, 2nd, 3rd for virtual)




Videos must have no logos, competition banners or advertising of any kind.

They should be landscape 

Videos must be stationary, and the full dancer’s body must always be visible

Videos should not ‘follow’ the dancer

Videos cannot be edited or merged

Videos must be a complete performance from beginning to end.




  • Ultimate Dance Productions is not responsible for any injuries that may occur to any person, including a participant teacher or audience member whist in the theatre, backstage, on stage or within the venue

  • It is each dance school’s responsibility to take out their own insurance(s) for their students to attend GDO events.




  • All dancers must have a valid annual membership to participate in any GDO event




  • GDO is not responsible for any travel and accommodation costs in relation to the Finals. Global Dance Open cannot assist in the organization of any visa applications, it is the responsibility of the danceschool/parent to arrange these if needed. 

  • GDO shall not be liable to any parent or other members, teachers, students competitors or any other party (a Third Party) for any loss that may suffer as a result of  the occurrence of an event or a series of events (including but not limited to Acts of God, Government intervention or advise against organized social gatherings or the undertaking of sporting events, political unrest, war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, closure of airports or ports, natural disasters, fire epidemic or pandemic) which resultsin:


  • the Third Party being unable or unwilling to travel to and or attend the event.



  • the event having to be postponed or cancelled by GDO







  • There will be no refunds made to dance schools for a cancellation of an entry. By making a purchase with GDO, you are confirming that you have read through our rules and understood our no refunds policy




  • Choreographers, teachers, and performers automatically grant permission to Global Dance Open & Ultimate Dance Productions Ltd to use their photos for publicity purposes, including ads, social media, etc in connection with promotional campaigns

·      By registering and participating in a GDO event, you agree to our rules and agree to allow us to send you emails regarding your entries, rules, schedules, and other GDO related items.

At any event with an official photographer and videographer, there is no photos/video allowed by audience members

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