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The finals are a very special events, which sees students from over 35 countries all over the world connect and share their love of dance.

Our 4 days of competition, welcome 20 artistic directors from some of the most prestigious dance institutions across the globe. Over 400,000€ of scholarships are awarded during our 2-gala evenings, which is an evening to welcome back our highest scoring winners and crown the overall champion country. Throughout the 4 days, students have the opportunity to choose from over 25 different masterclasses with prestigious teachers, directors and schools from across the world.

The finals event starts with a parade throughout the city, waving flags and representing each’s nation. Followed by a welcome party, dancers, teachers, and parents get the chance to connect and network.

ive participation in our finals.

19th July


Session 1 A 9:00-12:05

Intermediate Small Group Ballet

Senior Small Group Ballet

Junior Small Group Ballet

Intermediate Large Group Ballet

Junior Large Group Ballet

Senior Large Group Ballet

Senior Pas de Deux

Junior Solo Ballet

Senior Solo Ballet

Intermediate Solo Ballet

Session 1 B 9:00-11:20

Petite Solo Ballet

Mini Solo Ballet

Mini Solo Ballet Boys

Mini Duet/Trio Ballet

Petite Duet/Trio Ballet

Mini Large Group Ballet

Mini Small Group Ballet

Petite Solo Contemporary

Mini Solo Contemporary 

Mini Duet/Trio Contemporary 

Mini Small Group Contemporary 


Prize Giving 12:15-13:15- Symphonic Theatre


Session 2 A 13:30-16:30

Junior Duet/Trio Contemporary 

Senior Duet/Trio Contemporary

Intermediate Duet/Trio Contemporary 

Senior Small Group Contemporary 

Junior Small Group Contemporary

Intermediate Small Group Contemporary 

Senior Large Group Contemporary

Session 2 B 13:30-16:00

Intermediate Duet/Trio Ballet

Junior Solo Ballet Repertoire (Main Division)

Junior Solo Ballet Repertoire (12-13 years) Pointe Shoes (Main Division)

Intermediate Solo Ballet Repertoire Main Division

Senior Solo Ballet Repertoire

Junior Duet/Trio Ballet

Senior Duet/Trio Ballet


Prize Giving 16:30-17:30- Symphonic Theatre


Session 3 A 17:45-21:15

Junior Solo Ballet Repertoire (Upper Division)

Junior Solo Ballet Repertoire (12-13 years) Pointe Shoes (Upper Division)

Intermediate Solo Ballet Repertoire Upper Division

Junior Solo Ballet Boys

Intermediate Solo Ballet Boys

Senior Solo Ballet Boys

Junior Solo Contemporary (Upper Division)

Intermediate Solo Contemporary (Upper Division)

Junior Solo Contemporary Boys

Intermediate Solo Contemporary Boys

Senior Solo Contemporary Boys


Prize GIVING 21:15-22:00- Symphonic Theatre



20th July

Session 4 A 9:00-11:50

Junior Solo Contemporary Main Division

Intermediate Solo Contemporary Main Division

Senior Solo Contemporary 

Junior Large Group Contemporary 

Intermediate Large Group Contemporary 

Session 4 B 9:00-10:50

Mini Solo National/Folklore

Senior Duet/Trio National/Folklore

Junior Small Group National/Folklore

Petite Solo National/Folklore

Junior Solo National/Folklore

Intermediate Solo National/Folklore

Senior Solo National/Folklore

Intermediate Duet/Trio National /Folklore

Junior Duet/Trio National/Folklore

Mini Duet/Trio National/Folklore

Intermediate Small Group National/Folklore

Senior Large Group National/Folklore

Senior Small Group National /Folklore


PRIZE GIVING 11:00-11:45- Camera Theatre

PRIZE GIVING 12:00-12:45- Symphonic Theatre




Improvisation Competition: 13:15-14:15

Dancer of the Globe: 14:30-15:30

Gala: 16:00-19:00




21st July


Session 5 A 8:45-11:50

Intermediate Large Group Showdance

Junior Solo Showdance

Junior Duet/Trio Showdance

Intermediate Duet/Trio Showdance

Petite Small Group Showdance

Mini Small Group Showdance

Junior Small Group Showdance

Intermediate Small Group Showdance

Senior Large Group Showdance

Mini Large Group Showdance

Junior Large Group Showdance

Senior Large Group Showdance

Session 5 B 8:45-12:15

Petite Solo Acro

Mini Solo Acro

Senior Solo Acro

Junior Solo Acro

Intermediate Solo Acro


PRIZE GIVING 12:15-13:15- Symphonic Theatre

Session 6 A 13:45-16:15

Intermediate Small Group Acro

Senior Small Group Acro

Junior Small Group Acro

Junior Duet/Trio Acro

Mini Duet/Trio Acro

Intermediate Duet/Trio Acro

Senior Duet/Trio Acro

Junior Large Group Acro

Mini Large Group Acro

Mini Small Group Acro

Intermediate Large Group Acro

Senior Large Group Acro

Session 6 B 13:45-16:00

Petite Solo Showdance

Mini Solo Showdance

Senior Solo Showdance

Intermediate Solo Showdance

Junior Solo Tap

Mini Duet/Trio Tap

Intermediate Solo Tap

Mini Solo Tap

Junior Small Group Tap

Mini Small Group Tap

Mini Duet/Trio Showdance

Intermediate Small Group Tap


Prize Giving 16:15-17:15- Symphonic Theatre

Session 7 A 17:45-21:15

Intermediate Solo Lyrical

Senior Solo Lyrical

Intermediate Solo Jazz

Intermediate Solo Jazz Boys

Senior Solo Jazz

Intermediate Duet/Trio Jazz

Session 7 B 17:15-21:15

Junior Solo Lyrical

Junior Solo Jazz

Junior Solo Jazz- Boys

Junior Duet/Trio Jazz

Junior Duet/Trio Lyrical


Prize GIVING 21:15-22:15- Symphonic Theatre



22nd  July


Session 8 A 8:45-12:45

Junior Solo Hip-Hop

Intermediate Solo Hip-Hop

Mini Duet/Trio Hip Hop

Senior Solo Hip-Hop

Junior Duet/Trio Hip-Hop

Intermediate Duet/Trio Hip-Hop

Senior Duet/Trio Hip-Hop

Mini Small Group Hip-Hop

Junior Small Group Hip-Hop

Senior Small Group Hip Hop

Petite Solo Hip Hop

Mini Solo Hip Hop

Mini Large Group Hip Hop

Junior Large Group Hip

Senior Large Group Hip Hop

Intermediate Large Group Hip Hop

Junior Large Group Hip Hop

Intermediate Small Group Hip Hop

Session 8 B 8:45-11:45

Petite Small Group Jazz

Mini Small Group Jazz

Mini Large Group Jazz

Mini Duet/Trio Lyrical

Petite Duet/Trio Jazz

Mini Duet/Trio Jazz

Mini Small Group Lyrical

Junior Large Group Musical Theatre

Senior Solo Musical Theatre

Petite Solo Jazz

Petite Solo Lyrical

Mini Solo Jazz

Intermediate Large Group Musical Theatre

Mini Solo Lyrical

Intermediate Solo Musical Theatre

Junior Solo Musical Theatre

Senior Large Group Musical Theatre


Prize Giving 11:45-12:45- Camera Theatre

Prize Giving 12:45-13:15- Symphonic Theatre

Session 9A 13:45-15:50

Intermediate Small Group Jazz

Junior Large Group Jazz

Senior Large Group Jazz

Intermediate Small Group Lyrical

Junior Large Group Lyrical

Senior Large Group Lyrical

Intermediate Large Group Jazz

Session 9B 13:30-16:00

Intermediate Duet/Trio Lyrical

Senior Small Group Jazz

Junior Small Group Jazz

Senior Small Group Lyrical

Junior Small Group Lyrical

Senior Duet/Trio Lyrical


Session 9B 13:30-16:00

Intermediate Duet/Trio Lyrical

Senior Small Group Jazz

Junior Small Group Jazz

Senior Small Group Lyrical

Junior Small Group Lyrical

Senior Duet/Trio Lyrical

Prize Giving 16:00-16:45- Symphonic Theatre


Improvisation & Dancer of Globe B 17:15-18:30

GALA: 19:30-22:00

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