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Please find our competition schedule below. 

Spectator tickets will be on sale from 6th June 2024.



Tickets are non-refundable. Please consult with the schedule before purchasing.


When arriving at the theatre please show your ticket either printed or on your mobile phone to the ticket desk staff and they will scan the ticket and issue you with a wristband for that session. Wristbands are required to enter the theatres. Please note that the ticket can only be scanned once. 

Children aged 4 years and under (non-competitors) and accompanied by a parent will be allowed entry to the auditoriums for free however they do have to sit on a parents lap if the theatres are full.

Dancers who are participating at the finals may be allowed to watch the dance sessions free of charge subject to space in the auditoriums. Dancers must present their membership cards to door staff to enter. This includes the Galas.


Workshops are a key part of the GDO Experience. We highly recommend students to take part in as many as possible. We will be hosting 2 teacher workshops: Rambert Grades (contemporary) & Acrotrix (acro). In addition, we will be hosting Iwanson International auditions. Please see the schedule below.

Tickets will be on sale from 8th June @ 17:00 Netherlands time









Improvisation competitions are an opportunity for dancers to explore and share their creativity. During the improvisation competitions, dancers will be lined up on stage. Each dancer will then be invited to step forward and improv for 1 minute. Dancers will not be able to listen or choose music in advance. Dancer’s may only enter each improv session once.


We will be having the following improvisation competitions:


  1. 10th July @ 17:00-18:30: Mini Improvisation Competition (Held at Market hall in center of Apeldoorn)

  2. 11th July @ 14:00-15:00: Lyrical Improvisation Competition

  3. 12th July @ 14:00-15:00: Jazz Improvisation Competition (Held at Market hall in center of Apeldoorn)

  4. 13th July @ 16:00-17:30: All styles Improvisation Competition


Dancers must sign up in advance to the improvisation competitions as there will be limited spaces. Sign up via our website from June 8th: 






JULY 9-13

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